On November 5-7, 2018, in Pokrovsk, Donetsk Region, a training was held on the methodology “Children and War. Healing Techniques”. The event was organized within the framework of the project “Helping Hand of Ukraine” in partnership with the Center for Psychosocial Rehabilitation of the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy in Pokrovsk, Donetsk Region. Twenty participants in the program are school psychologists and social educators from Pokrovsk and Mirnograd, as well as psychologists from the Center for Psychosocial Rehabilitation. Experts studied theoretical information about psychological trauma, losses, PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), learned practical techniques and techniques to help at the daily level to cope with the consequences of traumatic events – obsessive memories, stress, fears and nightmares. In the current military conflict in the east of Ukraine, this is a very hot topic. Trained specialists will be able to share the acquired knowledge with children and their parents living in the Donetsk region, they will teach them self-help techniques. Despite the difficult topic, the general atmosphere of the training warmed up for these three days: there was a lot of supportive communication, tea drinking, funny games for “reloading” and a positive mood.

Special thanks to the program coaches – Irina Sukhova, Natalia Podolyak and Elena Bozhor – for your work, not indifferent hearts and invaluable experience, and also Alexei Sukhov – for your humor, photos, and sweets for tea!

Feedback from participants:

Valentina Zinchuk: “The topic is as up-to-date as I encounter people living with injury every day, and I consider some aspects of personal experience to be insufficiently developed. Therefore, a clear structure of the program and study of all the exercises on yourself became the most useful. I liked the tools of the program, accessibility. Many thanks to the professional team of coaches! It was comfortable, warm and good. I am very pleased with the news about the possibility of supervision with us, as with coaches.”

Liana Gelikh: “The topic of the seminar is very relevant for me, since the main topics of the clients are traumatic memories, stress, PTSD. In addition, my family and I live near the line of demarcation, and we succumb to the influence of negative factors, stressors, so it is very important to properly deal with our feelings. Useful was the work with fears and memories. Each exercise has its own flavor. Everything was on the 5 plus. Thank you for the safe, warm, comfortable atmosphere! The coaches are very cool, open, “simple”, complementary, and worked as a cohesive team. Thank you for the quality work material and knowledge. Was cool!”

Inna Bulavina: “For me, the topic of the seminar is very relevant. Unfortunately, we live in close proximity to the places where military operations are taking place. Many of us have relatives and friends who live in the occupied territory, my sister and nieces are there. We have learned to live with trauma, but it still poisons our life. It was very cool to learn techniques and tools that will help get rid of it, or at least reduce stress, that is also very necessary. Thank you very much, you are doing a very good job!”

Ksenia Kochetova: “It’s relevant, useful and necessary at 100%. Everything was useful: the algorithm of classes, work with technicians, appeal to personal experience, the psychological climate of the group, the opportunity to become an active participant and work out your inner fears personally. Thank you very much for the program, which helps to cope with the psycho-traumatic experience, and for the “piggy bank” of ways to help children work with trauma. This technique is a good tool that can be implemented in a short time.”

Anna Bondareva: “The topic of the seminar is very relevant for me. Sometimes I was afraid even to think about the war, its consequences and trauma. Therefore, the most useful for me personally were open conversations about injuries, as well as the opportunity to work out different techniques in practice. Coaches are very cool! Feedback on the training is the most positive!”

Elena Piskunova: “Practical studies of exercises, living the sensation“ here and now ”, the ability to understand oneself, understand one’s feelings, look at the work of professionals, learn new things were useful. Thank you so much for the joint work, the knowledge gained, the exchange of experience!”

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