16-18 October 2018 in the framework of the “Helping Hand for Ukraine” project in Starobelsk Luhansk region conducted a training “Children and War: Teaching Recovery Techniques”. The training of specialists was carried out by certified trainers of the program – Irina Sukhova, Natalya Podolyak and Elena Bojor. The 18 members of the group are teachers of Luhansk Shevchenko National University, which now works in Starobelsk, as well as psychologists, social teachers and volunteers from the cities of Starobelsk, Svatovo, Rubezhnoye. The event took place thanks to the cooperation with our partner – Lugansk regional educational and methodological center of the psychological service of the education system. We express special thanks for organizing the training to the education department of the Starobelsk Regional State Administration and the coordinator of the project “Helping Ukraine for Ukraine” in the Luhansk region Tatiana Oboyanskaya.

Starobelsk met our coaches with warm weather and golden foliage, and local historian and history teacher Dmitry Lukyanenko conducted a fascinating tour of Starobelsk for city guests. Experience and knowledge are transferred, the participants are trained and inspired – we wish you all further fruitful work and peace!

Feedback from participants

Olga Sergienko, psychologist (Polovinkino village, Starobelsky district, Lugansk region): “The topic is very relevant in connection with the events in our region, many people there have a huge amount of unworked fears, and we all face stressful situations every day. For me, all the information at the training was helpful. New, interesting, informative, accessible, emotionally, rich. Thank you very much!”

Natalya Litvinova, Associate Professor of the Department of Social Pedagogy, LNU named after Taras Shevchenko: “Thank you for the tools for working with children and their parents who survived traumatic events. The material was interesting, accessible, interactive. There was support from trainers and feedback. I’m happy to work, there is motivation, “savvy” knowledge”.

Natalia Pronka, psychologist (p. Chmyrovka, Starobelsky district, Lugansk region): “The topic is very relevant. Just before the training, I received a request from the 4th grade girl`s mother that the child has fears, insomnia, nausea. Therefore training for me is a great resource for problem solving”.

Dmitry Lukyanenko, a teacher (Starobelsk, Lugansk region): “If you evaluate the training on a 10-point scale – 10 points. Practical exercises and the possibility of applying the knowledge gained in real life were the most useful for me. The seminar is meaningful, desired, positive”.

Svetlana Korsun, a psychologist (Starobelsk, Lugansk region): “All the techniques I met are applicable in the daily work of a psychologist, therefore I received no less knowledge and skills during the training than in previous years. The most useful is living and working out techniques on myself. Everything is super! Thanks to the trainers – to the masters of psychology!”

Tatyana Fedotova, psychologist of the CF “LOV“ ICO ”Charity Foundation“SOS Dityache Mistechko” (“SOS Children`s Town”): “Irina, Natalia, Elena, Alexey! Thank you very much for being with us during these 3 days. There was a lot of support, confidence, professionalism, warmth. You are the professionals who honestly work and put their soul into the work in which they believe “.

Svetlana Reshetnyak, a psychologist (Rubezhnoye, Lugansk region): “I am grateful for the training in self-help techniques, sincerity and openness in the group, the opportunity with the help of a techniques to help myself. Trainers are the best! The event is organized at a high level! Thanks to the coordinators!”

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