On Saturday, April 26, 2015, the volunteers of our Foundation conducted informative learning activities for children at the boarding school in Trypillya.
The kids from primary school (1-3 grade) talked about politeness. They watched the cartoon about this trait and discussed what everyone thought about it.
Children from the 4th grade also discussed politeness. Then they had an art-workshop, during which they made necklaces. Children from the 5th and 6th grades watched the documentary titled “Who is Your Idol”. The video showed examples how teenagers helped other people and for that became world-known. Children discussed the video and eagerly listened to a volunteer who shared personal experience about successes and failures in her life. Children were telling who their idols were, why they chose them and how those people inspired them.
The high school pupils played career guidance games. Using only mimics and gestures, they were trying to show and guess different professions. Everyone was happy about communication as well as interesting facts and useful skills

“Триполье – 26 апреля 2014 года”

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