On November 21, the volunteers of “”HOPE worldwide Ukraine”” Charity Foundation visited children in the boarding school in Velykopolovetske village. Over 50 children stayed in the boarding school for the weekend and took part in the programs conducted by the volunteers. It was a true “test-drive” for the volunteers – test for ability to deal with unexpected situations.
The youngest children took part in the second lesson within the “”Superbook”” program. Older pupils studied the topic of relations with God on the example of Avraam within the “To Know God” program. The topic was quite serious for their age, and what was especially pleasing, the children knew a lot about it and could express their thoughts and views freely.
The volunteers brought sweets for children. After the tasty treat they conducted interesting games and a lesson in the “Art-Salon”, where children of all ages eagerly learned the basics of clay modeling and quilling.
All children received the presents – clothes that will come in handy during winter. The most active participants of the “To Know God” program were presented with personalized Bibles.

From Ноябрьская поездка в школу-интернат в с.Великополовецкое. Posted by БФ “Надія по всьому світові” on 12/10/2015 (11 items)

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