On November 26, the volunteers of “HOPE worldwide Ukraine” Charity Foundation visited children in Trypillya boarding school. The start of each year always symbolizes the start of new relations with new children. The volunteers face the task: to discover the needs of the new students, consider their wishes, and decide what projects to implement and in what format and way. After traditional greetings of the birthday boys and girls, everyone went to meetings in different age groups.
Primary school kids discussed the “Rules” topic. They first watched the “10 Commandments” cartoon and then talked about why the rules are necessary, why they are useful and whether one should be obedient.
Meanwhile, the children from 5-6 grades studied different drawing techniques and the senior students, participants of the “Man of the House” project, continued repair works in the boarding school. This time they repaired all chairs in the assembly hall. The work was of high quality, everyone was very enthusiastic. The day was special also because the 2016 graduates visited their younger friends in the boarding school. They spent time together, watched the movie and also talked about how important is for everyone to know ourselves and understand what is valuable for us.
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