Today, in these difficult times for the country, we would like to express our deepest gratitude to all the volunteers who open their hearts with love and find inner power, strength, time and finances to help those who are in need! Here is one of such stories, which our volunteer Oleksandr Kovtun published on his Facebook page:

“This storry began with a request that Yevgen Pashkov saw in the chat of his housing complex. It was a request from another volunteer who takes care of the sanatorium boarding school №21, located in Pushcha-Vodytsia, where also orphans and children deprived of parental care, from Toretsk (Bakhmut district), are staying.
Yevgen asked me if we could help with something from the list of necessary things that was in the chat. We started to sort things out and realized that we can definitely cover the need for furniture, because we received it in the last truck with humanitarian aid from Italy. And helping children is a top priority for “HOPE worldwide Ukraine”.
So, we started with the furniture, and later they started having problems with electricity. On one of the TV channels I saw how schools assemble self-made stoves on bricks in their yards to cook food for children. They did the same in this boarding school, but cooking for more than 100 children in such circumstances is a difficult task! Therefore, the school management addressed us with the request to install a gas stove, so that it would be possible to cook indoors. Thanks to Olena Kharikova and her team, this issue was resolved!
I am amazed how the chains of volunteers work – from collecting aid in Italy and getting funds for logistics and delivery to Kyiv, to identifying people who are in need and helping them. Dozens of volunteers are involved in this work!

Special thanks to:
– Adriano Assandri and his association OnlusNeedYou
– Yevhen Pashkov
– Oksana Shakhmatenko
– Valentin Lobunets
– ‘Faini Mebli – Home Furniture’ company
And others!”

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