On September 14-16, in Kramatorsk, Donetsk region, within the framework of the “Helping Hand for Ukraine” project, a training program “Children and War. Teaching Recovery Techniques” was held. In this city, at the beginning of the war, there were hostilities, and all local residents remember this. Training participants are no exception. There are 14 of them, they are private and school psychologists who want to be useful to those who turn to them. We wish you all success in your work and a peaceful sky over your head!

Certified psychologists of the “Children and War” program from Kiev shared their experience with the participants: Irina Sukhova, Natalia Podolyak and Elena Bozhor. Thank you for your work, caring hearts and professionalism! And special thanks for cooperation to the Center for families of ATO “Poruch”. Thank you for the space provided, your hospitality and the organized tea breaks – it was delicious, warm and sincere.

Here are some of the attendees’ feedback:
Olga Grebenyuk: “10 points. A lot of insights, a lot of supporting techniques, a lot of understanding how important this is in our time and in this place. I liked: the professionalism of the coaches, the support of the group, the opportunities that the program opens up, and tasty treats!!! I didn’t have enough skills to digest everything quickly. Many thanks for this opportunity to change “minus” to “plus”. A lot of changes await me from this moment, and I am ready for this. It became easier and more interesting to look at life (I wanted to look at life, to be “now”, and not to exist, performing monotonous actions); there were paints and a desire to give these paints, to teach them to paint their way, turning gray everyday life into a rainbow world of dreams. Many thanks and a deep bow!”

Anastasia Tsventukh: “I liked the techniques and methods of their implementation. The most useful thing is to overcome my own trauma. I am very grateful to the trainers for the training and the opportunity to work out my own problem during training. I dropped a load that I had worn for 10 years. The number of techniques and the ability to work them out are invaluable. Thanks!”

Ksenia Martynenko: “I liked the experience of conducting training in mini-groups, a huge number of techniques, responsive trainers. The professionalism of the coaches did not leave an opportunity not to learn something on this topic. Thanks to the trainers for conducting the seminar, transferring colossal experience, knowledge and techniques. A cool organization in our difficult times. This seminar will occupy a very important place in my life and heart”.

Ekaterina Tkachenko: “The topic is very relevant. I liked the self-help techniques for traumatic and stressful events. There was not enough time to learn more and more new information. Everything was super, masterpiece, informative, positive, instructive and safe. Thank you for the seminar, I was glad to meet you! I will be happy with new meetings!”

Yulia Kozhemyakina: “The knowledge gained, the experience and effective techniques were useful. Thank you very much! Thanks for your support! I know that I am not alone! I accepted, lived and released. Ready now to go ahead and share with others! May there be more happy people on Earth!”

Vita Yarmak: “The topic is very relevant both for work and for me personally. I liked the practices. Thanks to the trainers! You are awesome! I have worked in myself many different blocks, thanks for the opportunity to attend such a training-seminar! I’d like to cooperate not only in this direction, but also in art therapy! I will be very glad to see you again! Good luck in job!”

Alena Prikhodko: “The topic of the seminar remains very relevant now. While working in a general education institution, I often come across children who have suffered from hostilities, from domestic violence, as well as those who have experienced traumatic experiences. We know a lot of techniques, but a backpack always needs to be replenished, and during these three days we have replenished enormously! Techniques for working with nightmares (parents often turn to them), relaxation techniques (and for themselves as well) were useful. These three days have been some of the most fulfilling in my life in recent times! Great coaches, great team. Very extensive information, and at the same time everything is so clear! Thank you!”

Ninel Bondarenko: “The topic is very relevant, especially for our Donetsk region. I liked the personal practice. I really wanted more communication, we need even more time for this. Three days have passed, everything is unforgettable: great coaches, colleagues, venue, cooperation and just human interaction. Thanks to all!”

Daria Dyachenko: “The techniques for working with triggers and traumatic situations were useful. Got experience and practical explanation of working with this topic. Everything was enough, more than enough. I am filled with knowledge, practice, I feel the support of the trainers, I hope that everything will work out as it should”.

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