December 12 – 18, 2018 in the schools of Pokrovsk, Donetsk Region, supervision of classes on the program “Children and War. Teaching Recovery Techniques”, which are held for schoolchildren of 9-11 years old in secondary schools No. 2 and No. 4, as well as in the educational complex No. 1. The trainers are Lyudmila Samofalova, Ksenia Kochetova, Yulia Rogoza, Katerina Kovtun, Inna Bulavina and Oksana Bukina. Within the framework of the “Helping Hand for Ukraine” project, the coaches met Irina and Alexey Sukhovs, who came from Kiev to inspire and support their colleagues.

In the classroom, children are actively exploring healing techniques. Each group has its own rules and laws. Among them – “Observance of confidentiality”, “Respect each other”, “We speak about ourselves, and we do not comment on our neighbor”. Not every adult team can boast such, but this contributes to an atmosphere of trust and safety! There are some very funny rules: “Come to class beautiful”, “Do not fall off the chairs” or “Rule of the left foot”. The last thing is that if you need to get permission to go to the toilet, then you need to go to the trainer and tell him about it in his ear. And what’s the left leg, no one knows. But in fact, it doesn’t matter what the children put on this list of rules. It is important that they learn self-management in the team, respect for themselves and others, and that the established boundaries help them carefully and comfortably study healing techniques and work on their heart and character.

In addition to children’s groups, a full-fledged parent group also works at school No. 2. Dads and moms are also very active, ask a lot of questions about parenting, share that they need the program first, because each of them has many difficult life situations related to war and other traumatic events, and the lessons help them in solving actual problems for them.

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