On September 21-22, an annual seminar for volunteers of the “HOPE Worldwide Ukraine” charity foundation was held. This time again in our favorite place – in a bright and airy hall in Irpen, surrounded by fragrant pines, clean country air, and light autumn coolness. This year the event was attended by over 110 people. In addition to Kiev, volunteers came from Kiev region – Irpen, Brovary, Belogorodka, Bila Tserkva, as well as from Kharkov, Odessa, Vinnitsa, Dnipro, Ivano-Frankivsk. All of them serve in various boarding schools and nursing homes and, with the pleasure of our program, shared with each other their experiences, new ideas and, of course, healing and touching stories about those with whom they communicate and whom they give their love and hearts.

Last year’s topic of the seminar on conflicts and their resolution turned out to be so relevant that we decided to study and move in this direction this fall. On the first day, the training entitled “The Art of Conflict Resolution” was conducted by Sergey Lukin, a trainer, director of the Center for Advanced Training for Civil Servants at the Kiev State Administration, and Natalya Gordynya, trainer, PhD on psychology, member of the Ukrainian Psychological Association. Specialists spoke with volunteers about the types of conflicting personalities and choosing the optimal style of behavior in conflicts. Each participant was able to test himself in conflict situations (how he most often behaves – as a child, parent or adult), see his reactions from the outside and practice the proposed tools.

On the second day volunteers received spiritual guidance from a minister of Christ Church Kiev Maxim Dubovsky, who reminded about the main New Testament commandment of love to each other and within the framework of the seminar topics to be inspired by each patient and forgiving toward those who are nearby. After that, the volunteers were trained by psychologist, motivational speaker, director of the First Children’s Academy, Marina Romanenko, who has been working with our foundation for more than 10 years (!). She told the participants about the 4 causes of bad behavior of children and 44 ways not to interfere with them, and answered 444 questions (!) about the conflicts that we face in the family, school and work.

Well, both the trainers and the participants worked actively and fruitfully! The atmosphere of new knowledge, love and support, as well as the heated floor in the hall and tea drinking with sweets during breaks did their job – they “warmed”, filled the resource, rebooted and inspired everyone to serve in the new school year! All the best to everyone and good luck!

Volunteers` feedback:
Julia Udovenko (Odessa): “I am very grateful for the warm atmosphere and the chosen topic. Marina is always just a huge storehouse of awareness of how to work better and more efficiently. I am grateful for the treat and payment of participation for nonresident. I take with me an understanding of the importance of keeping my main goals and motivation in focus.”

Tatyana Startseva (Brovary, Kiev region): “Professionally presented material by Sergey and Natalia regarding the “ability” to conflict and communicate with the Z generation. Marina opened a different level of response to “uncomfortable” people. All this information helped me understand myself more and taught me to look at people around me in a different way.”

Vlad Malevanny (Kiev): “A good seminar, but the first day was not relevant for me. On the second day, Marina Romanenko revealed all the questions accessible, understandable and applicable for my life at school, at home and in ministry at the 15th boarding school!”

Tatyana Dzevulskaya (Irpen, Kiev region): “The topic is always relevant, no matter how much they talk about it. I liked acquaintance with new techniques, behavior skills in conflict, and the ability to evade conflicts on time. Thank! “Self-worth instead of self-esteem is super relevant for me!”

Marina Ivanenko (Kiev): “New puzzles of knowledge have become empty”.

Tatyana Grushko (Vinnitsa): “Marina gave a very practical and concrete lesson. There is something to work with. Thanks! And it’s always nice to see new speakers!”

Elena Dubovskaya (Kiev): “Thank you, it was interesting, informative, a lot of information on the topic necessary for the ministry.”

Olga Terzyan (Kharkov): “Super! Very practical: it’s clear how to identify the problem and how to respond to it. All with love for children and focus to help them. Thank you!”

Svetlana Shepel (Kiev): “Given specific advice, mechanisms and tools on how to resolve or avoid conflicts. And also emphasis is placed on the main thing – on the sense (why am I a volunteer, who am I in the family), on love. Those. they gave us not just tools, but the foundation of a worldview.”

Milana Grushko (Vinnitsa): “There were a lot of useful things, a lot of thoughts. Nice to learn. Generation Z will change.”

Svetlana Skriptsova (Kiev): “Marina Romanenko is a fire! Everything is very accessible and understandable!”

Natalya Zubova (Kiev): “It was very useful not only for volunteer work, but also for me personally. Thank you for organizing everything: delivery to the place, table, speakers, service. The whole atmosphere was working and warm. Thank you so much!”

Svetlana Savitskaya (Kiev): “I am grateful for the atmosphere, it is valuable to understand that you are not doing one thing. The trainings of Sergey, Natalia and Marina are very informative, useful in volunteer practice and in life. Everything is relevant, accessible and easy to read. Delicious dinners! Thank you for Everything!»

Sergey Rykhletsky (Kharkov): “I really liked the theme of Sergey Lukin, learned a lot of new things. Also, the performance of Maxim Dubovsky was very well received.”

Anna Makarenko (Vinnitsa): “There was an opportunity to be only on the 2nd day of the seminar. The information is very valuable, filed simple and accessible. Return to the focus of attention. Be in love. I am very grateful for the organization of such events.”

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