On December 1, the first training seminar “1001 nights, or Freedom and Responsibility” from the training series “And they lived happily ever after”, intended for couples and those for whom the topic of relationships is also relevant, took place. The project was organized by the “HOPE worldwide Ukraine” Charity Foundation together with Sergey and Anna Grebtsov, the authors of the training ideas, coaches and family consultants.

The event was attended by over a hundred people. The seminar was held in a light warm atmosphere of oriental tales. Participants had the opportunity not only to enjoy oriental wisdom on how to communicate and not hurt each other, how to acquire a healthy self-esteem and understanding of personal boundaries, but also practically practice effective cooperation in a couple. The training used interactive tasks, watching videos from relevant fairy tales and films, personal examples from the life of the speakers. Everyone was able to ask and discuss issues relevant to them, as well as receive relevant recommendations. It is valuable to note that the relationship theme was very relevant to all participants of the seminar. The guys did not remain indifferent and took an active part in the dialogue. There were many words of gratitude and support to the speakers and organizers of the training.

The next seminar from the cycle “And they lived and happily ever after” will be held January 26, 2019. The topic of the meeting is the training-tale “Cold Heart, or Feelings and Acceptance”. Registration will start on January 15, 2019. Do not miss!!! Come and invite your friends!

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