Our joint the “Two weeks without war” Greek-American-Ukrainian project has been successfully completed. Its purpose was to organize an educational trip for 40 Ukrainian children as part of the English-language program for our children to the St. Catherine’s Children’s Camp in Greece.

During their stay in the camp, the children participated daily in English language training programs, physical health and social adaptation programs aimed at supporting their mental health.

Various sports events were organized for the children’s entertainment: football, volleyball, basketball, table tennis and swimming in the sea. In addition, the participants enjoyed a cultural and educational program, which included, among other things, guided tours to Athens, the Acropolis Museum, the Sparta Museum, Olympiakos Stadium, thermal springs and city tours.

The Governor of Central of Greece Fanis Spanos, the US Ambassador to Greece George Tsunis and the attaché for education Mrs. Sani Surendra, the Ambassador of Ukraine to Greece Serhiy Shutenko, the Metropolitan of Fthiotida Mr. Simeon and the Director of Education Mrs. Elena Benyati visited our children at the camp. During these meetings children from Ukraine demonstrated their knowledge of English, presented our invincible Ukraine with dignity, performed the song “World without war” in Ukrainian and painted the holiday in the colors of the Ukrainian flag with the help of yellow and blue balloons. Everyone had a great mood and left satisfied!

Receiving children in this wonderful camp was made possible thanks to the financial support of the US Embassy in Greece, as well as the support of the Ambassador of Ukraine to Greece Serhiy Shutenko, Director of the Department of the Consular Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Roman Horyainov, Counselor for Consular Affairs of Ukraine in Greece Hanna Tishchenko, the Prefecture of Central Greece, the Governor of Central of Greece Fanis Spanos, Metropolitan Ftiotis Simeon, adviser to the Governor of Central Greece Ruli Kehri, founders of the NGO “Filakto” Iryna and Oleksandr Bortnyk, Department of Social Policy of the Bucha City Council.

Logistic costs for this project were covered by: “Together in the Future of UA” charity foundation, DELL LOY HANSEN FAMILY FOUNDATION, “HOPE worldwide Ukraine” charity foundation, Oleksandr Bortnyk, Denys Vasyliev, Kings Choice IT Recruitment agency (Pavlo Korol).

We are sincerely thankful to volunteer Oksana Shakhmatenko for coordinating the entire project, her efforts and her caring heart!

Special thanks to the St. Catherine camp administration for their hospitality, friendly attitude, and excellent food.

We are also thankful to the “Svit Bus” transport company for ensuring a comfortable and safe trip.

The children were delighted with the program and did not want to leave the camp. The parents of the children are sincerely grateful to the organizers for this wonderful opportunity. This trip brought unforgettable experiences and learning for our children. The “Two weeks without war” project is an example of fruitful cooperation, which is carried out at the international level and promotes the development of children and youth.

Many thanks to everyone who made this project possible, invested their efforts and joined in to implement our project. It is always a great pleasure for us to be part of such a wonderful team and to share this joy with everyone.

We believe that even small actions can change the world. Let this trip be the beginning of new opportunities and unforgettable memories for Ukrainian children.

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