“Irina, good evening!” Irina Sukhova, head of the “Helping Hand for Ukraine” project, read the message in her viber, from Svetlana Nikolaevna Olkhova, director of gymnasium №7 in the village of Sirotino, Luhansk region. – Today I talked with the children who went to the children’s camp “Caramel”. The children are just delighted. Vying with each other to tell what was there, what was most memorable. Eyes are shining, the guys are happy. Thank you very much for organizing this holiday for our children and for their emotional state”. и

And after this message came another one, from the director of the camp “Caramel” Irina Zavalnaya: “Thank you! Thank you for your help in organizing! Your good deeds have always been an example for us!”

What is this news about? That this summer in August 15 boys and girls from Sirotino were able to go to the children’s camp “Caramel” near Kiev. Our foundation has been successfully cooperating with the leadership of this camp for a long time, for which we are immensely grateful. And this year our dear partners offered 15 free trips for children from Sirotino. Our role in this story is small, mainly in establishing communication and solving some organizational and financial issues. Nevertheless, we are incredibly happy and grateful that this event and trip for children took place! “It’s great when good people unite around a good deed,” says Irina Sukhova.

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