On February 12-14, within the framework of the “Helping Hand for Ukraine” project in Lysychansk, a training was held for psychologists and social educators of Luhansk region. This city survived the shootings, bombings of bridges and destruction of buildings. Participants of the event are residents of Lysychansk, Severodonetsk, Popasna, Hirsky. These are 18 school psychologists and social educators. All of them noted a great need for the “Children and War: Teaching Recovery Techniques” program for dealing with psychological trauma of those who live in the zone of military activities in the Eastern Ukraine. Next day after the training, the first team of the newly trained specialists started therapy sessions with parents and children in Popasna. The funds for the training were raised during “Gala of HOPE” charity concert held in June 2017 in Zurich, Switzerland. It was organised by “HOPE worldwide Zurich” and “u l t r a S c h a l l” ensemble.

Feedback from the training participants:

Tetiana Oboyanska: “Professional, deep, rich, informative, important and at the same time resourceful training. EMDR technique was most useful. The road will be mastered by walking. I am looking forwards to implementing and using this knowledge. Thanks!”

Diana Vladykina: “In the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the training, I have had totaly different emotions and sensations. Thank you for this! I am alive! Body practices, EMDR, communication and emotions of coaches and team members were very useful!”

Tetiana Fastova: “First of all I was impressed by the program and by how much it is simple and effective at the same time. The atmosphere of the training was just fabulous, the group could be trusted. The most useful was the realization of our personal traumatized experience and the understanding that there are so many techniques that everyone will be able to find something for itself. I wanted more practice, because time flew by unnoticed”.

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