On October 4-6, within the framework of the “Helping Hand for Ukraine” project, training on the program “Children and War. Teaching Recovering Techniques”. 16 school psychologists and social educators from Rubezhnoye and Severodonetsk studied with trainers who came from Kiev – Irina Sukhova, Natalya Podolyak, Elena Bozhor. Participants actively discussed the material, shared their stories and their pain. They said that many residents of their region did not want to talk about the war in eastern Ukraine and the events connected with it, that this topic was taboo, but not experienced, and “continues to hurt” in the hearts of children and adults. Therefore, experts are sure that now is the time to start talking about the war and offer self-help techniques for the “Children and War” program to those who really need it.

Feedback from participants:
Yaroslava Tanciura, psychologist, school No. 16 (Severodonetsk): “The topic of the seminar was very relevant. At the school where I work, there are children who have fears. These fears are stronger than them. The resulting material will help provide quality assistance to such children. Many children and their parents have experienced traumatic situations and do not want to think about them, avoid resembling places and do not want to talk about it. This training will help them open up and realize that they are not alone. The most useful: practical techniques for relaxation, breathing, for working with dreams and memories (“TV”, “safe”, etc.). All was enough. Very informative, intense, emotional, cool, useful training. I would advise to pass it to all specialists who work with people”.

Olga Belichkina, psychologist / social educator, school No. 17 (Severodonetsk): “The topic of the seminar is very relevant, since I work with children of different categories. Everything was useful, but especially the work with fears in the “Ladder” technique. Thanks to the coaches for their professionalism and friendliness. The seminar is very necessary!”

Victoria Tikhonova, psychologist, school number 5 (Severodonetsk): “The topic is relevant, because I live in a region where there were military events. Useful techniques for working with traumatic events (drawing, stress-relaxation exercises, group work). There was not enough time to comprehend all the information. The workshop left a good impression. I liked the presentation of information, examples from the experience of coaches, games”.

Yulia Lyapovka, psychologist, school No. 3 (Rubezhnoye): “The topic is relevant, because much of what we have lived still exists inside us, like a compressed spring. First of all, we need to help ourselves, that we did within 3 days with our trainers. Now you can work with children and their parents. Everyone has fears and traumatic memories — some in closets, and some on the doorstep. We need help!!! And this help is outlined in the training manual! I believe that it works. The most useful is knowledge, emotional comfort, openness. Knowledge + Exercises gave me a clear picture of working with PTSD. There was little explanation (chewing) of information about working with parents. Just the way we worked it out with the kids. In general, the seminar was rated 10 on a 10-point scale of emotions! 10 is the best point. After all, what you need in your work is a healthy and developed emotional intelligence. Many thanks to the foundation for organizing such training courses. And special thanks to the coaches for taking the time to help people!”

Elena Bezruchko, psychologist, Center for the comprehensive rehabilitation of children with disabilities (Rubezhnoye): “The topic of the seminar is relevant, especially for our city and region. A large number of people in adults and children experienced adverse (scary) episodes, periods of life. These people require the help that I am able to give right now. The information is structured, the techniques really work, tested on ourselves. It was such an interesting format that techniques could be “tried on.” Everything was perfect. The knowledge and presentation form of their trainers is super. Thanks to all. I love everyone. I hope for help in work if necessary”.

Larisa Polivanaya, psychologist, school No. 9 (Rubezhnoye): “The topic is relevant – anxiety, fears, trauma, unfortunately, always accompany all people of any age. Someone is fighting, someone is hiding it in themselves. Our task is to continue to help everyone, to continue the necessary work that you started… It was useful to learn how to use the tools folded into your imaginary chest. But I would like to devote more days to the training. Generally informative! The mood is wonderful! See you again!”

Irina Makovchenko, psychologist (Rubizhne): “I liked the structuredness of the program and the high quality of the material. Enough of everything. Thank you very much. As a result, there is a complete understanding of how to work with the program, and a desire to help others”.

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