On November 21, within the “Man of the House” project, the volunteers of “HOPE worldwide Ukraine” Charity Foundation – Vitaliy Selivanov, Vasyl Silyutin, Oleksandr Bohomolov and Oleksandr Shatskyi, the photographer, – went to Trypillya boarding school. This time boys from 8 grade and one boy from 7 grade joined the project team consisting mainly of 9 grade pupils.
Our builders were assembling metal studs for plasterboard walls, and wooden rails for plastic siding panels. In order to tighten a timber framing and prevent plastic siding panels from bending they added plywood panels. Thus, the team managed to assemble part of the plasterboard walls and put primer coating on them before lunch. After lunch the working team divided into two groups: the first one was sealing joints and primed a surface of the walls. The second group continued assembling metal studs. They also started drawing electric wires on the walls and ceiling.
The working day ended at 4 pm. The children were happy and a bit tired. The next trip is planned for November 28.

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